The meeting point of companies offering products and services related to Mobility, Sustainable and Smart Environment.

What do we do?

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Agrupar i donar visibilitat
Grouping and giving visibility to companies in the new mobility sector and sustainable and Smart environment.
Lobby per a la defensa i competitivitat
Lobby for the defense and competitiveness of the various sectors involved.
Facilitar la cooperació empresarial
Facilitate business cooperation and strategic alliances. Impulse innovative tractor/collective projects through work commissions, which focus on synergy, development, productive encounters. Vacuums are detected from value chains and opportunities.
Promoure la col·laboració publicoprivada
Promote public-private partnership. In mobility and sustainable environment and Smart, the driving role of public administrations, cities, metropolises and territories is essential.
Fomentar la R + D + i i l'emprenedoria
Promote R + D + i and entrepreneurship.
Impulsar i acompanyar en tot el procés de canvi
To drive and accompany the whole process of change and transformation to the traditional automotive and mechanization auxiliary industries towards new mobility and the sustainable and Smart environment.
Dissenyar programes de formació i reciclatge
Design training and recycling programs.
Defensar els estàndards necessaris al mercat
Defend the necessary standards in the market.
Think tank
Think tank.

Currently, AEMES Smart has the following working groups:

- Decarbonization of Industry and Territories
- Energy
- Charging Infrastructures
- Mobility Infrastructures
- Micromobility and Shared Mobility
- Talent
- Sustainable Vehicle and Transportation
- Public-Private Collaboration
AEMES Smart has developed several smartization projects for polygons or business districts.
Polygons are often areas with serious deficiencies and problems, which harm the competitiveness of the located companies. Connectivity and transport are often the most important shortcomings, along with safety, but also unordered parking, the lack of waste collection services and cleaning are problems that companies are demanding.
AEMES Smart can provide technological solutions to these problems thanks to the cooperation of its partners and public-private partnership formulas that allow them to be developed, and has implemented a Smart polygon model on a global level, exportable and applicable to different business areas, taking into account specific problems and characteristics.

The meeting point of companies offering products and services related to Mobility, Sustainable and Smart Environment.

We promote the development of the ecosystem that drives innovation and investment through business cooperation, strategic alliances and the promotion of collaborative tractor projects, as well as public-private partnerships.

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